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Goslings and Ducklings UK

If you’re in the UK, Goslings and Ducklings are available to both the commercial and private sectors from our farm. Contact us at +353 (86) 2099768 / +353 (04) 0232384

Ballyrichard Duck And Goose Hatchery provides clients with Goslings and Ducklings to the United Kingdom and Ireland across the commercial sector.

Every two weeks, we produce healthy Goslings and Ducklings suitable for meat or egg production.
Restaurants and other food-based businesses can incorporate them into their menus once they reach adulthood and have been fattened up.

Our previous clients have purchased Goslings and Ducklings across the UK and Ireland, and we have been recognised as a trustworthy wholesale brand in some of the most prestigious restaurants and hotels in the British Isles.

Ballyrichard Hatchery

For more information on where to buy Goslings and Ducklings in the UK, please get in contact with Ballyrichard Duck And Goose Hatchery below

Our Goslings and Ducks in the UK

Ballyrichard Duck And Goose Hatchery have developed a superb reputation for the high quality of our Goslings and Ducklings in Britain, Ireland and internationally.

Using the latest research, our bird rearing and breeding techniques help keep our animals healthy and optimised for egg production. As well as technique, our carefully curated environment consists of a large, grassy, outdoor area that is conducive to egg production and breeding.

We guarantee healthy and calm birds thanks to our cultivated techniques and environment, and promise regular egg production.

For additional information on Goslings and Ducklings in the United Kingdom, please contact Ballyrichard Duck And Goose Hatchery today.
+353 (86) 2099768 / +353 (04) 0232384

Christmas Geese in the UK

Ballyrichard Duck And Goose Hatchery is one of the top providers of Christmas Geese in the UK. Much like our Goslings and Ducklings, UK clients can be assured that our Christmas Geese are carefully bred and raised, thanks to free-rein over their environment. Additionally, they are fed an all-natural diet, rich in green vegetation and grains.

If you’re in the United Kingdom, Christmas Geese can be ordered from Ballyrichard Duck And Goose Hatchery by phone.
+353 (86) 2099768 / +353 (04) 0232384

Oven Ready Ducks and Geese throughout the UK

Over the years, we have networked with a large number of suppliers of Oven Ready Ducks and Geese throughout the UK. After an initial consultation, we can tailor the client’s requirements and put them in touch with an appropriate Oven Ready Duck and Goose supplier in the United Kingdom.

More information on our recommended Oven Ready Geese and Duck Suppliers in the UK can found at Ballyrichard Duck And Goose Hatchery.
+353 (86) 2099768 / +353 (04) 0232384

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